Let Go Of The Need To Control Everything

God, I trust that you know what's best for me and I let go the feel of needing to control everything in my life.

Do you have a habit of trying to control situations or people in your life? This control comes from emotions of fear or even distrust. ⁣

Fear of possible negative outcomes feeds your brain the thought that if you could control the situation or others, you would have a desirable outcome towards your satisfaction. But wouldn't this be like a sense of manipulation? You are trying to control an outcome that really isn't yours to control. Instead, try and work on having faith and trust in God. He's the only one in control.⁣

God knows what is best for you. He knows what you are capable of handling. Think of what you have been through already, are you still not here reading this? You may have been through situations that you clearly wouldn't want to have been through, but those situations have brought you deep wisdom whether you are aware of it or not. And you have made it through all those difficult situations.⁣

So learn to let go of the need to have control over everything and go with the flow. This may be new to you but allowing yourself to flow through each experience that presents itself will give you more time to live life with a sense of love rather than fear and distrust.
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