Let Go

When you wish to control situations or people (including yourself), it's simply a sign of fear and distrust. Have compassion when this tendency shows up in yourself or someone else. Know that you or this other individual simply needs reassurance that the universe is orderly and trustworthy. Nurturing, soothing love is the remedy for these issues. After all, the person who tried to have power over everything often feels out of control. We can help and intervene by surrounding the entire situation with our clear-eyed vision of a desirable outcome. If your trust had been shaken and you feel the need for ironclad guarantees, lean upon unwavering faith - we can refuel your own with our unlimited supply. You see, we know that everything will turn out well for you, and the love and Divine order are completely in charge. The more you are aware of this truth, the more peaceful you'll feel. And with peace comes the knowledge that everything truly is under control. Though for Today.

I know that these circumstances are completely under control. I trust that this is a fair Divinely ordered Universe. The infinite wisdom of God has already brought the perfect outcome to this situation.
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