I Accept Myself As I Am

God had a plan when He created me to love me for me. I wasn't raised by the greatest parents that taught me about self love, but they did the best they knew how. We are all children of God, so why is it that we struggle to view ourselves as perfect through our imperfections. Why do we feel the need to look a certain way, comparing to what society sees fit? Why do we feel the need to alter the way we look in order to be perceived as "perfect" in our own eyes? Aren't we perfect with our imperfections? 

If we aren't happy with how we look, are we even aware of what we are actually doing to our bodies that is the cause for it to react in access weight, blemished skin, or any other imperfection? It we are diagnosed with an illness that causes our image to alter, does that mean we aren't perfect anymore? When are we going to love ourselves unconditionally. With financial abundance, we are capable of creating a certain image, but for who? Why wouldn't we love ourselves in the vessel that God has given us? 

I believe it's time that we learn to love ourselves more than trying to achieve perfection that truly doesn't exist. We say that if we looked a certain way we would be happy. But that's coming from comparing to what we see as perfect out there. It doesn't matter what you look like, that is who you are. You can care about your health but to alter your looks because of materialism comes from a place of Ego, not Love. So learn to love every imperfection you have because God gave you this vessel to experience a human life. A life with purpose, not a life of materialism. 


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