How far do you plan for yourself?

We tend to have moments throughout our journey where we set goals for ourselves. But do you set a plan into achieving them? How far do you plan?

Goal setting, ideally, is about having a goal and figuring out what steps you will need to put into action. Allow me to express my perception on how I set goals for myself. Mind you I tend to plan daily goals more than long term goals. Maybe you will incorporate some of the ideas and create an action plan for yourself. 

- Set the intention of how you would like to feel during the process. Do this on a daily basis 

- Accept the fact that you may have moments of doubt, frustration and wanting to give up. That’s okay. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotion that arise. 

- Be honest with yourself and evaluate where you are in this moment. How do you feel emotionally and mentally?

- Acknowledge how far you’ve come. Whether you are happy or not with where you are presently, acknowledging is about reflecting on your journey. Be thankful of all the experiences. The ups and downs. Remember that the waves of experiences are just that, waves. 

- Being aware of this present moment, are you content? Whether you are or not, what can you do to push you forward?

You see, setting goals is not just about thinking of future plans for yourself. It’s about acknowledging the past, appreciating where you are in the present and what actions do you need to implement to push you forward. 

Everything we do, say, and think holds a vibration of energy. Good or bad emotions are never permanent. They come and go. Just like people and experiences. The goals you set for yourself should be more towards daily goals. I mean, it’s great to think about the future and what you want but the future is never promised. And your energy is always shifting. So focus on the little things more than the larger picture. This way, as you evolve, you learn more about yourself in the process. 

Your journey is a reflection of what you plant. 
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