Happy Thanksgiving to All My Canadians

Good Afternoon my beautiful followers.⁣
Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadians.⁣

Today, being Thanksgiving on my side, is not the only day that we should show gratitude towards what we have and what we are grateful for. This should be a daily thing. I practice this throughout the day on a daily basis. Tomorrow is never promised, so we should be thankful for each moment we have.⁣

Many of us tend to complain of the lack in our lives. Sometimes stating that we are having a "bad day." I've been there. But let's not forget that there are those out there that would love to be in our shoes. So instead of focusing on the lack and the wants, let's send love and prayers to those who are courageously surviving in their own lack.⁣

We have the power to change our way of thinking, which changes our perception of our own life. But we need to be able to put in the work. Count your blessings. No matter what your situation is, there's so much to be grateful for.⁣


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