Evening Reflection for June 15, 2020

Have you ever had to deal with negative people? Like the nasty type? We all have at some point, but do you react out of the initial emotion that surfaces or do you take a moment before you react? 

Sometimes it's just habit to react in the same attitude that has been brought to you. I've been guilty of this on numerous occasions.

What if you took a moment to breathe before you react? Have you ever tried it? I try and make that a habit. It is still a process I'm working on. Lol. I will admit, when I actually do take a moment for myself, I do notice that I react more calmly and that sometimes makes the person respond in the same manner. But sometimes it doesn't work and they still are bitter, and that's okay because I actually feel better for how I reacted.

So the next time someone acts nasty towards you, take a moment for yourself and then express how you feel. It's not about getting them to respond how YOU want them to, it's about giving yourself the respect and love to not allow their actions ruin your moment.
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