Evening Reflection for June 13, 2020

When things don't happen as you planned, how do you react? Do you get disappointed for a moment and then go about your day or do you allow your day to be ruined by this experience?

Many of us have allowed those moments to ruin our day. Sometimes even for longer periods. The question you want to ask yourself is "Why?" What if it didn't go as YOU planned because God had a different plan? A plan that was for your best interest.

This used to be a habit of mine, to think that if things didn't go my way it was because I wasn't deserving. When I started to change my perception of the situation is where I would realize it truly wasn't for my best interest. ⁣
When you become more intune with your inner knowing, you start to understand why certain things don't happen and why it happens the way it does in other ways.


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