Evening Reflection for June 11, 2020

When working towards a goal and a difficult situation arises, there are usually three choices: You stop, realize you don't want to deal with it, and go back to the same pattern you were in. You stand to the side and just hope that something occurs, so you don't need to put in much effort. Or you take a deep breath and keep pushing through, because this is a goal you wanted for yourself to begin with. 

Dealing with obstacles can be tough. Many don't want to deal with it and just toss in the towel. Others find it easier to just wait for an opportunity to present itself, so they don't need to put in much effort. Then you have those who are determined to reach their goal that nothing can/will stop them.⁣

Those are the ones who will do whatever it takes to figure it out. Because when you truly want something, you go out of your way to make sure you get it. ⁣

Think of obstacles as tests. They are testing you to see how bad you really want it. And if you throw in the towel, that signifies it wasn't really that important to you. ⁣

So reflect on what you truly want for yourself. When have you thrown in the towel, becauseyou didn't want to work for it? When have you waited for an easier solution to occur, so you didn't have to put much effort? And when have you pushed through to make sure you achieved a goal you set for yourself?


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