Evening Reflection for June 10, 2020

Do you tend to rush things trying to make sure they happen according to how you want them to be or do you set goals and take necessary steps to make sure you get it done correctly, the first time around?

I understand that the future is unpredictable but we can plan ahead to have a sense of accomplishment. I used to rush through everything in my life. The more I could do, the better I thought I'd feel. Not realizing that I was in a constant state of adrenaline and worry, afraid of the what if things didn't go as planned because I just kept rushing. I never really thought things through, I was more of the, let's just get it done and deal with the consequences later.⁣

As I evolved, I started to learn how to plan things ahead of time, think things through. I understand that some things need to be taken care of right away, but majority of things can actually be accomplished within time. ⁣

Are you someone who rushes through life or are you someone who takes the time to think things through and plan ahead?
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