Don't Worry About The Why's?

Life truly is simple. We have the tendency to complicated it.

When a situation occurs in out lives, it may be out of our control. The actions of others may push us out of our own personal boundaries and we may not be happy or agree with it. Remember that we have no control over others. 

What we do have control over is how we react towards the situation. We need to drop the expectations of receiving explanations from others. They may not give it to us. We need to drop the expectations of wanting to know the why's, because they may also not give it to us. When we out all this energy into wanting to know the why's, we are actually giving our power/energy away. This leaves us feeling depleted. 

Learn to accept what has happened, learn from the situation and move forward within your journey. 

Don't worry about the why's, reflection on the lessons from the experience to help you to evolve within. 

Daily Reflection - Am I focused on always wanting to know the why's of situations? Am I making my life difficult by focusing on what is out of my control or am I accepting and moving on? 
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