Do You Live In A Space Of Lack Or Of Gratitude?

Many tend to be stuck in a space of lack. We think that we are unworthy, incapable, unlovable, etc. Being in this state will actually manifest more of the same experiences that will continue to make you feel this way. You become in a state of survival, fighting your way through each experience. 

There is a choice, though. You can choose to live in a state of gratitude. Viewing all your experiences through the perception that you are a fighter. Look at everything you have been through and have overcome. This leads you to feel accomplished, capable, successful, strong, etc. Think about it, what have you overcome? You are still here. 

Remember, just because you may be capable of taking a punch doesn't mean you are to make yourself a punching bag. Life may bring difficult experiences your way. It's up to you on how you perceive them. There's no reason to dwell on the difficult experiences of the past, they served their purpose already. Be mindful of your current thoughts and the thoughts moving forward. Are you living in a space of lack or of gratitude? 

Up until today, you may have been viewing your life experiences in the eyes of lack. It's time to change the pattern. Become aware of how much you actually have to be grateful for. This will shift your energy and manifest more blessings into your life. 


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