I noticed lately, that there are so many people not knowing how to deal with this shift of energy happening in our planet. I notice that when you have cleared so much of past karma within yourself, you tend to see clearly of your surroundings. People, situations, surroundings, it all has a different meaning. Thinking back, to how I used to be, I really didn't care. I was truly "asleep". Just living routine like a robot. No emotion, didn't really care about much. I lived a cycle of the same patterns and habits. 

Now, taking 100% responsibility of everything that comes my way, everything seems to have meaning. I mean, everything signifies something. I don't say that everything happens for a reason anymore. Because I feel that if I say it in that context, I will try to figure out what the reasoning is. So my new saying is "Everything happens in Divine Timing." Why? Because by letting everything happen in Divine Timing, is letting it up to the Divine, God, whatever your term is you use. I don't dwell on the situation. By living in this pattern, I notice I am extremely aware of the lessons these experiences are teaching me, ABOUT MYSELF.

You see, this is how I look at it. I attract every experience because it is not to teach me about that person. I have attracted that scenario because it is showing me something about myself. Good or bad. Some of you may not agree, and that's ok. We all have freedom of will. There is no wrong or right. It's just how we perceive for ourselves. So, if I have attracted a negative situation, let's say, it's because there is something that is deep rooted within me that needs to come to the surface to heal and release. 

Notice how there's people out there that have this way of living where you look at them and are like, wow, how can they be so positive all the time? It's because they are so aware of the situations/scenarios that cross their path, that they can acknowledge what is there to teach them. So they accept it, forgive themselves, heal, and move forward. Then there are the souls that are still asleep, complaining and whining how they don't understand why things just keep happening to them. I'm not judging, I was one. These are the souls that are stuck in a pattern and aren't ready for change. They aren't ready for their own growth. What I realized is when people are curious about personal growth and (let's call it) spirituality, they realize that this will shake your world and they run. Thinking they can't handle it. Try to think of it like this, if you, all of a sudden, have a curiosity of wanting to transform yourself within, can you not see that "someone" has opened the door of opportunity for you. So you are able to handle what comes with the work for this transformation. It's your EGO trying to scare you because it wants you to stay comfortable in the pattern you have been living.

We are always evolving. It just depends on how much growth do you want for yourself. There is no wrong or right. This is all up to you. Don't be scared to get your toes wet. You won't know what can happen if you don't ask/try. Do some research. See how you feel when you read about the topics to do with spirituality/personal growth. There's so many different views on this. See what resonates with you. 

This is why I decided to open this business. I worked with so many different mentors. So many different techniques and teachings. Don't think that if you work with one you have to stick with that one person. I see it as personal growth are just steps. We went from daycare to elementary school to high school to work or higher degree of learning. We were taught by many different teachers. This is the same. Go with what you feel comfortable with. There is no race. Just learning experiences.

By the way, I just want to give a heads up, I never thought I would ever blog or share my thoughts publicly. Was kind of nervous thinking what people may think. But I learnt that I have to get out of my comfort zone. Again, some may resonate, some may not. It's ok. Because the truth is, this is what my purpose is, to share my wisdom with the curious souls out there for their awakenings. I was told I was never going to mount to anything in life. I left high school at 15. I'm proud of how far I've come. And so should you. Because you are reading this, which means you are ready for a change of some sort. I am also just putting it out there. Don't mind my grammar. I didn't do well in English in school. I am learning as I go along.

With Love & Gratitude.
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