Change Within, And Your World Will Change

We tend to feel a bit anxious/uncomfortable when we consider bringing change into our life. We want change within our outer world, but we don't realize that that only happens when we change our inner world. Why? Because our perception of our outer world is actually a reflection of our inner world. 

When we have moments of feeling like something is lacking in our life, that is an awakening that we are actually lacking something within ourselves. We tend to blame our outside circumstances for our misfortunes but the truth is, it is our perception of the misfortunes that cause us to feel certain "feelings" towards them that end up causing negative thoughts about the situation. This also doesn't mean that we are to blame ourselves either.

When you are aware of how you perceive your outside circumstances, in a negative way, you also have the power to shift your mindset.

Whatever you think you are lacking, remember that you have the power and wisdom within yourself to find the solution. When you are REAL and HONEST with yourself, you will become aware that it's not the outside circumstances to blame; but rather the EFFORT that you are willing to give towards changing the situation. 

For example, if you think you are lacking love in your life, then awaken to the fact that you need to BE more loving within. If you think you are lacking abundance in your life, then awaken to the fact of being more grateful for the abundant life you already have.
Whatever it may be, understand that how you FEEL within yourself reflects how you view your own life. You will only attract what you are genuinely feeling. 

Mindful Exercise: Take a moment and be mindful of what you truly feel you are lacking in your life. Who would you need to become in order to change the way you view your life?

After you are done this exercise, reflect on the following questions: How do you feel about knowing that you are 100% responsible for every experience in your life? Do you feel like you are capable and confident enough to deal with challenges that may arise? 
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