Are You Open to Asking For Help? Or Are You Stuck In Old Habits?

Many of us go about life trying to figure out everything on our own. We feel the need that it is our responsibility to do so.

This usually comes from our own conditioning or beliefs that stem from our childhood, especially for those who have been in survival mode for a really long time. We end up stuck in this mindset for so long that it becomes difficult to ask for help from someone. We continue to fight and put all the pressure on ourselves towards figuring everything out. This also leads to mental and physical exhaustion.

Allow yourself to be open to ask for helping hand. There are so many resources out here that we can get help from. Let your guard down. When we ask for help it doesn't mean we are less of a person. Let someone else, that is willing, to help relieve some of the weight off of your shoulders.

When you allow yourself to accept help from someone else, it provides space to allow new energy to come in. We may be spending so much time and energy trying to figure everything on our own that we may be wasting valuable time that we could be spending on something else.

So reflect on what it is that you are doing when it comes to struggles in your life.

Daily Reflection - Am I open and willing to ask others for help? Or am I anchored in my own beliefs and refuse the help of others.
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