Are You Feeding Your Ego Or Your True Self?

When given advice/guidance, do you LISTEN to what is being said or do you allow yourself to actually HEAR it?⁣

Many of us will reach out to someone who we can trust and ask for advice/guidance. However, are you aware of how you are perceiving the information provided to you? Do you allow your true self (soul level) to be open to hearing what was said or do you allow your ego to kick in and sabotage the information? Sometimes our ego only listens to what it wants to hear, that will feed it. Causing you to react in a manner that will leave you feeling regret later on. ⁣

When it comes to asking for advice/guidance, allow your true self to acknowledge information as true (validation), and acknowledge when your ego will try to sabotage information to keep you from evolving. ⁣

Remember, majority of the time we are seeking outside advice/guidance for validation towards what we already know. It’s up to you with how you move forward with the information given to you. Every experience holds lessons. You just need to know the difference of if it is a lesson of awareness with the ego or with your true self. ⁣

Today's Reflection - What space was I in to be willing to hear advice/guidance from someone? Did I just listen to what they had to say, or did I actually hear what was said to me?
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