Am I Still Living In Victim Mode?

Let's talk pain. Not the ouch, I bumped my toe type pain. Let's talk about the emotional type of pain that many people tend to hold onto.

When you've been through so much trauma in your life, it creates an emotional pain within the body. We may end up acting in victim mode due to the fact of being consumed of the pain, on a daily basis. Many tend to create and/or seek it, without even being aware of this habit that we may have created. It ends up feeling like a natural way of feeling. Then when we express our pain, it is with the intention of seeking validation or wanting someone to rescue us. This way of life and mindset would make our daily lives feel so difficult.

Life doesn't need to feel so difficult. Without being in a victim mindset, we allow ourselves to embrace life without fear. We learn to love and accept ourselves which in turn gives others the space to love and except us also. We end up attracting genuine connections. Healthy ones.

When we release and heal from the pain of our past trauma, we awaken to our true selves. We end up enjoying life more.

Daily Reflection - Have I been going about my life in a victim mindset due to the trauma of my past? Am I allowing these painful memories to be part of my daily life? If so, am I ready and willing to release and heal from this pain so that I can embrace and enjoy my life?
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