Allow Yourself To Be Pampered

I will allow the abundance of pampering, from myself and others. I will show gratitude for all my blessings that I shall and continue to receive.

You deserve to be pampered in every aspect of your life. The price for all these blessings you get, is gratitude. Gratitude is what sets the intentions to receive more blessings of being pampered.

While accepting the gifts of others, respond with gratitude. If you are one who constantly gives without accepting, you are actually creating a block towards your abundance. By having that block within, you are allowing God's flow of abundance to go around you and bless others. So when you feel like God is ignoring you towards receiving blessings, understand that you are creating your own blocks.

Allowing yourself to receive blessings of pampering, you are lifting the blocks towards receiving more blessings.


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