A Powerful Message from God

I found this on my phone from a couple of years ago and thought it was relevant to share.

One day Satan and Jesus were talking.
"Jesus, I took a bunch of people and used them as bait. I knew they would be easily manipulated and wouldn't be able to resist."
"What do you have planned for them?" Jesus asked.
"I'm going to have some fun with them." Satan replied.
"I'm going to teach them love and respect one another and them manipulate them to hate and abuse eachother. Then I'm going to teach them to be under the influence of alchohol and drugs, plant stories of lies in their heads, use weapons and violence to destroy eachother."
"And what's going to happen when you get tired of using them?" Jesus asked.
"I will just kill them." Satan replied with pure hate in his eyes.
"I want to take them from the harm you planned for them" Jesus said "What will it take for you to give these people to me?"
Satan replied, "You don't want these people. They are full of hate within themselves. They will just hate you also. They will have no respect for you and curse your name."
Satan then looked at Jesus and said, "Your life."
Jesus's final answer, "Done."

You see, Jesus died on the cross for us.
In return, many are disrespecting God and then wondering why the world is going to hell. Many will state that they believe in God, yet follow the actions of Satan.

It's easy for majority of people to spread videos of all kinds of violence, that instills more fear and pain, than videos of love and unity.

Just remember this:
God doesn't care what car you drive, He only cares about how many people you help along the way.
God doesn't care how big your house is, He only cares about how you make it a home.
God doesn't care how much money you have, He only cares that you earned it without harming others.
God doesn't care what title you have in your job, He only cares that you did your job with the best of your ability.
God doesn't care about how many followers you have, He only cares that you be of example to others through love and kindness.
God doesn't care what neighborhood you live in, He just cares about how you treat your neighbors.
God doesn't care what color of skin you have or what country you were born in, He just cares about who you are as a being.
God doesn't care why it took so long for you to believe in Him, He just cares that you chose Him now rather than following the path towards Satan.

I will admit, I was hesitant to share this message, but the truth is, the message is so relevant. You may not be religious or follow the bible, but if this message resonates with you, share it. There may be people on your list that may benefit from it.

Someone once told me this, Jesus said, "If you deny me before friends, I will deny you before my Father." And this hit me hard.


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