Evolution Readings

Evolution Readings

Sometimes there may be a moment in life where you may be feeling ‘stuck’. You know you are capable of overcoming any obstacle thrown your way, but just for this moment, you would like some type of guidance or maybe even some reassurance. 

Getting an Evolution Reading is about allowing me to tap into your energy, in this moment, and give you the messages that you may not be seeing with clarity. Or maybe you are but may need some validation. I do not tell you what to do and I do not predict your future. I simply relay the messages I receive from my higher self back to you. What you perceive from the reading is entirely up to you. We all have a unique journey that we are to experience. If you are being TOLD what to do, how do you learn the lessons from the experiences you go through. These readings are just to guide you to see where you’re at in life with more clarity amd understanding. You are to make your own decisions. I’m just a messenger. 

The reading is a short private YouTube video link (usually 5 min or so) that is just meant for you. I have made them short for a reason. To get right to the point and to be affordable. I’m not here to elaborate and take up time. Our time is precious enough. Having a copy of the video also gives you the opportunity to view it as many times as you like. You never know, the guidance the first time may be a different message in a day or so. Just sit back, take a couple of deep breaths and allow yourself to hear the guidance and decide what feels right for you.

This is YOUR journey. I’m just providing you the clarity/validation that you may not be aware of or accepting as your truth, in the moment. Remember that this is all guidance towards your own personal evolution journey. So let's....

Begin Your Evolution Within


**There are NO REFUNDS on services.**
To book your appointment and/or have any questions, CONTACT ME before purchasing your reading.
If the readings are SOLD OUT, contact me if you would like to be put on the cancellation list and/or be notified when there is an opening.



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