Incense Intentions

HEM incense is world famous for its Precious line of traditional Indian Incense as well as a wide variety of other fine fragrances. Hem Incense are made from select woods, resins, florals and fine essential oils and are blended skillfully with expert care and love. Hem Incense is hand made according to ancient traditions.

Benefits of burning incense are:
  • It refreshes your heart, mind and soul
  • It purifies the surroundings and makes it pleasant
  • It gives a moment of peaceful feeling in our busy life
  • It calms and sooths your mind
  • It is loved by one and all
  • It helps in meditation
  • You get a sense of sacredness and sanctity while praying
  • Brings peace and tranquility at home
  • It helps to relax your nerves and gives you a good sleep
  • Used everyday, it does not harm.
**These incense are not to cure or replace medical diagnosis/treatment. They are for intention setting purposes.**



  • Crown..............Use to discover your higher self and improve communication.
  • Third Eye..........Use to awaken your psychic and cognitive abilities.
  • Throat..............Use to release communication blockages, fear and fright. 
  • Heart................Use to center your inner self and develop love in your life.
  • Solar Plexus......Use to establish your power center and creativity. 
  • Sacral...............Develop physical & sexual energy and direct your personal power.
  • Root.................Use to connect yourself to the Earth plane and increase practicality. 

AGAINST JEALOUSY - Use to get envious people out of your life.

ANGEL DE MI GUARDA  - Use to call on your Guardian Angel.

ANTI-STRESS  - Use to assist with reducing stress and anxiety.

APHRODISIA - Use to enhance sexual desire and lust.

BABY POWDER  - Use for enhancing calmness and health.

BLACK MAGIC  - Use for breaking hexes and curses. Also for protecting from them.

BREAKS ALL  - Use to break all curses and/or spells.

CLEANSING POWERS  – Use to clear and balance chakras/energy.

DIVINE BLESSINGS  - Use for healing and protection.

DIVINE HARMONY  - Use for awareness in the spiritual realm.

DIVINE HEALING  - Use to increase healing in all aspects and areas.

DIVINE POWER  - Use for strength, confidence, knowledge, and awareness.

DIVINO NINO JESUS  - Use for good luck, healing, and blessings.

DIWALI SPECIAL  - Use for resisting evil, dispelling darkness, and increasing compassion with others.

EROTIC  - Use for lust, sexual, and physical energy.

EUCALYPTUS  - Use for healing and purifying.

FAIRY DREAMS  - Use for love, peace, and joy.

5-in-1 FENG SHUI  - Use with the intention of all 5 elements. Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, and Wood.

FENG SHUI EARTH  - Use for security, stability, peace, and protection.

FENG SHUI FIRE  - Use for courage, power, purification, and intelligence.

FENG SHUI METAL  - Use for communication, mental strength, and intellectual abilities.

FENG SHUI WATER  - Use for love, dreams, psychism, and healing.

FENG SHUI WOOD  - Use for spirituality, strength, grounding, and cleansing.

FRANKINCENSE/MYRRH  - Use for dispelling negativity, protection, astral strength, courage, attract good luck, purification, and healing.

GO AWAY EVIL (sticks) – Use to repel negative energies. Also for protection from them.

GODDESS  - Use for peace, purity, cleansing, and compassion.

GOOD FORTUNE  - Use for attracting abundance and wealth.

GOOD HEALTH  - Use for healing and attracting optimal health.

GOOD LUCK  - Use for attracting in all aspects of abundance and luck.

KAAMASUTRA  - Use for sexual pleasure, love, and marriage.

LORD BUDDHA  - Use for awakenings, enlightenment, and wisdom.

LORD SHIVA  - Use for protection, benevolence, and goodness.

LORD VISHNU  - Use for protection, assist in dissolving the ego, and to develop peace of mind.

LOTUS  - Use for purifying, expanding of the soul, and spiritual awakening.

LUCKY BUDDHA  - Use for attracting wealth, good luck, and prosperity.

MAA DURGA  - Use for courage, boldness, strength, and confidence.

MAHA LAXMI  - Use for wealth, fortune, and prosperity.

MAHA SARASWATI  - Use for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

MEDITATION  - Use as an offering during prayer, meditation, or any devotional work.

NIGHT QUEEN  - Use for success or to attract change.

OM  - is also spelt AUM

  • A= Tamas (darkness, inertia, ignorance)
  • U=Rajas (passion, activity, dynamism)
  • M=Sattva (purity, truth, light)

OPEN ROADS  - Use for new beginnings and new opportunities.

PAGAN MAGIC  - Use for increasing psychic awareness.

PALO SANTO  - Use for keeping energies grounded and clear. Aids in raising your vibration. Also for: flu symptoms, stress, anxiety, depression, inflammation and emotional pain.

PRECIOUS CHANDAN  - Use to increase intuition, peace, and harmony. 

PRECIOUS LAVENDER  - Use for cleansing, healing, and love.

PROTECTION  - Use for deflecting negative influences and energy.

PURE HOUSE  - Use to cleanse all energy that no longer serves the home and also protection.

ROSA MYSTICA  - Use for restoring love and calm in the home.

SAN GABRIEL ARCANGEL  - Use for strength, confidence, and to overcome fear.

SEA BREEZE  - Use for revitalization, cleansing, and purification.

SEVEN ARCANGELS  - each has its own significant meaning

  • Archangel Michael - protection
  • Archangel Raphael - physical and emotional healing
  • Archangel Gabriel - overcoming fear in communication
  • Archangel Jophiel - assists to see beauty in life
  • Archangel Ariel - protection of earth
  • Archangel Azrael - meets souls to help transition to the Divine
  • Archangel Chamuel - bring peace in the world

SHREE GANESH  - Use for protection, generosity, and total acceptance. 

SOOTHING SPA  – Use for calmness, serenity and clearing. Perfect for spa atmospheres.

THE GALAXY  - Use for new beginnings, freedom, energy, and desires for the future.

THE MOON  - Use for prophetic dreams, peace, and love. Perfect for Moon rituals to release old energy and bring in the new. 

THE PLANET  - Use for euphoria, harmony, and love.

VANILLA  - Use to restore lost energy and to jog your memory.

WHITE SAGE  - Use for wisdom, clarity, purification, and cleansing.