"I Am Not My Story" Program

Since a little girl, I've always had a passion towards helping others. Living in a toxic environment and not really being able to go out and play like the others kids left me feeling abandoned, lonely and not being good enough. So when I had the opportunity to help around at family gatherings and/or at other people's homes, I took it. It gave me a sense of feeling like my efforts mattered to someone and made a difference. It also made me feel like I was able to alleviate stress for others. Which would make them feel better. 

I wanted to be free. I had enough being in a secluded world. I wanted to have my own rules, so I decided to leave my parents house at 15 years old. That freedom was so liberating, but little did I know I was on the path to destruction.I got into relationships that didn't serve my highest good and got involved in the wrong crowds. This let me to allowing myself to be manipulated into selling my body for some good cash. I was young and now living on my own. I needed to survive and was definitely not going back home. This type of lifestyle took a toll on my self worth and self esteem. I had completely disconnected from my true worth. (more of my story here)

Fast forward to 2017, I came across a couple of organizations that helps those who have been abused, gone and going through being homeless, and sex trafficked. I was embarrassed of the lifestyle I had chosen for myself and didn't want to expose this to people because I thought I would have been rejected, which would trigger childhood/adulthood memories. But I knew in order to grow, I needed to heal. So I decided to get therapy. More people are becoming aware of the extent our women/youths are going through with abuse, homelessness and sex trafficking. Now, I have a voice and it's time I give back to those who have also been down similar paths. This is why I created this program, to be able to provide the resources and/or financial aid to help support women/youths who are growing in courage and strength to evolve from that same/similar lifestyle. To be able to guide them through their own journey of self transformation. 

How Do You Help?

I have been blessed with teaming up with an amazing organization (Covenant House of Toronto) and some beautiful souls that hold the same mission I have set with this program. I am a part of their team with mentoring and being of support to the women/youths who need it. Through financial support, needing some essentials or even just having someone to chat to, I'm giving time and effort to these beautiful souls as much as I can. But I can only do so much on my own. And government funding has cut back on helping them because so many people are opening up non-profit organizations for whatever intentions they have. I am NOT a non-profit organization. I am just a survivor wanting to give back to those who have walked and/or are walking similar paths. I know what it's like to feel alone and not know where to start. Covenant House is the first step towards giving these beautiful souls the opportunity to a new lifestyle that they desire and deserve. 

There are 3 ways you can help: When making a purchase through this site, 10% of your purchase goes towards this program. Another way is by purchasing the Self Care Set and/or Incense Aroma Set and 100% of these set purchases goes towards the program. And lastly, you may also provide an offering through the "Help Support Our Website" button below.

Remember, we are not our story. Our past experiences are just that, experiences. Whether good or bad, they brought us to where we are today. It's just up to us on what we want to do with what we've learned. You can use your experiences to inspire change or to just stay comfortable in routine. The choice is yours. 

Thank you for your time on reading this and please feel free to connect with me of you have any questions, through the Connect page in the menu bar.

With Love & Blessings, Jacqueline B