M - Meanings & Affirmations

MALARIA: Out of balance with nature and with life. 

Affirmation: I am united and balanced with all of life. I am safe.  




MASTOIDITIS: Anger and frustration. A desire not to hear what is going on. Usually in children. Fear infecting the understanding.  

Affirmation: Divine peace and harmony surround and indwell me. I am oasis of peace and love and joy. All is well in my world.  




MENOPAUSE PROBLEMS: Fear of no longer being wanted. Fear of aging. Self-rejection. Not feeling good enough. 
Affirmation: I am balanced and peaceful in all changes of cycles and I bless my body with love. 


 MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS:   Rejection of one's femininity. Guilt, fear. Belief that the genitals are sinful or dirty. 

Affirmation: I accept my full power as a woman and accept all my bodily processes as normal and natural. I love and approve of myself.  

MIGRAINE HEADACHE: Dislike of being driven. Resisting the flow of life. Sexual fears. (Can usually be relieved by masturbation.)
Affirmation: I relax into the flow of life and let life provide all that I need easily and comfortably. Life is for me. 


 MISCARRIAGE: Fear. Fear of the future. "Not now - later." Inappropriate timing. 

Affirmation: Divine right action is always taking place in my life. I love and approve of myself. All is well.  


MONO, MONONUCLEOSIS: Anger at not receiving love and appreciation. No longer caring for the self.  

Affirmation: I love and appreciate and take care of myself. I am enough.  


MOTION SICKNESS: Fear. Fear of not being in control.  

Affirmation: I am always in control of my thoughts. I am safe. I love and approve of myself.  


MOUTH: Represents taking in of new ideas and nourishment.  

Affirmation: I nourish myself with love.  

-MOUTH PROBLEMS: Set opinions. Closed mind. Incapacity to take in new ideas.  

Affirmation: I welcome new ideas and new concepts and prepare them for digestion and assimilation.  


MUCUS COLON: Layered deposits of old, confused thoughts clogging the channel of elimination. Wallowing in the gummed mire of the past.  

Affirmation: I release and devolve the past. I am a clear thinker. I live in the now in peace and joy. 


MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: Mental hardness, hard-heartedness, iron will, inflexibility. Fear.  

Affirmation: By choosing loving, joyous thoughts, I create a loving, joyous world. I am safe and free.  


MUSCLES: Resistance to new experiences. Muscles represent our ability to move in life. 

Affirmation: I experience life as a joyous dance.  


MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY: "It's not worth growing up." 

Affirmation: I go beyond my parents' limitations. I am free to be the best me I can.  






MYOPIA: Fear of the future. Not trusting what is ahead.  

Affirmation: I trust the process of life. I am safe.  


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