Light Upgrades & Insomnia

Oh I always love it when I am in new water. Over a week ago I was informed new light codes would be coming online and I seemed to know what this meant. That I would in some way physically feel them as they awakened/one embodies. I’ve had six weeks of feeling awesome yet before that was a very physical phase. While I know these upgrades are for our benefit… as they’ve progressed/with the last round, I realized I am a bit of a wimp, lol. They can be a punch to one’s body. I have to remind myself to breath, remain open and trust. They can happen with ease and grace.

So I was asking how would this upgrade/step feel? All I was told was, you have been well prepared. I felt a smile so, I smiled.

So a week ago I had 36 hours of mild back/spine discomfort. Then three nights of… insomnia? Now, if you follow along you know I’ve mentioned sleep often enough – needing more, less and having different patterns. There are times you sleep light, very deep and so much happens in our resting state. Now though I was saying, uncle and needed guidance since sleepy tea, meditation and several other ways just didn’t help.

I heard, Light Codes released, a lot of activity now in the brain, it will settle. Just hearing this did help.

Yet… I wanted to understand the brain chemistry and try to link it to awakening/ascending/dna process verses labeling it as just insomnia. So these are just a few notes and I am sure there is another who is much wiser. When one can’t sleep they stay up, research and solve all the world’s issues, lol. And I am sure there’s another who’s had this experience and is well on the other side of it. So this is just my humble offering/a perspective.

I found this article and read: low GABA produces insomnia, or hyper arousal . Yup. That was what I was feeling at night. I was tired, should be tired and just the moment I should have falling asleep… WIDE awake and for hours. Really no worries… just AWAKE.

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) occurs naturally in our brain, where it functions as a neurotransmitter and helps regulate brain activity. So this makes sense to me. If our brain is waking up/remembering/rewiring, one might need more GABA. It can also be found as a supplement.

I also found this article interesting where I read: Signals from the SCN travel to several brain regions, including the pineal gland, which responds to light-induced signals by switching off production of the hormone melatonin. The body’s level of melatonin normally increases after darkness falls, making people feel drowsy.

So… you can use many different words, but when the pineal gland is awakening more, that inner light is affecting our brains. It thinks it’s daytime, 24/7.

As my journey has gone on, each upgrade has been a bit different. At times you sleep so deeply and don’t even know of anything that happens. Many are now having reunions and doing all sorts of visiting/work in their dream state. For some reason I am to experience the other extreme. So I note and move along.

Yet, right before I went to publish this, I checked to see what I wrote a year ago. Ha! Bingo! So much of this journey is cyclical. Here was my attempt this time last year.

We are anchoring in much light. Gamma rays also play a big part in this yet I don’t know enough yet to write on this.. yet. So for now, thank you for reading and step by step, we continue. Well wishes and sweet dreams to all!




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