How The Rainbow Child Differs from Indigo and Crystal Children

These children differ from the Indigo and Crystal children. They are usually born in the year 2000 and above and are here to help humanity evolve. Just as their name implies, these children have a full spectrum of colorful traits.

These children are very sensitive with big smiles and have an important purpose in life. They are born in the 9th dimension of collective consciousness. They have big hearts and are a joy to their families.

Their psychic abilities enable them to read people’s feelings. (although their ability usually is seen when they get older. )

They will be our healers, although they do posses a strong will.

You can identify a Rainbow Child by the colorful clothes that they wear, their ease in forgiving others, they are fearless and have a great deal of confidence.

Doreen Virtue describes the characteristics of Rainbow Children:

  • Very few currently incarnated
  • Parents are crystal adults
  • No karma
  • They do not choose dysfunctional families
  • They are all about service
  • May have big eyes like the crystal children, but they are totally trusting
  • Entirely fearless of everybody

Bringing in the healing rainbow energy previously brought through Reiki, QiGong, and Pranic healing and other hands on healing These children have the purpose of completing what the Indigo and Crystal children have laid down the foundation of. The indigo children were sent first to break down, the Crystal children to begin building and the Rainbow children to continuing building.

We all know that child that is full of energy, needs little sleep, is so passionate and creative with a zest for life. The child that loves to dress in colorful outfits and is strong willed. Given the chance to develop these children will have the ability to heal, have telepathy and wrap us in their Rainbow energy filled with love.


Ginny Marston


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