We Are Not Just This Physical Body

Why do we spend so much time and effort into creating a certain image for ourselves? Why has physical beauty and materialistic objects become more important than soulful growth? 

We tend to think that we are defined by how many likes we get on social media, how many friends we have and how much attention we get. Why are the majority of people in competition with looking better than someone or even trying to duplicate another ones image. Do you even know who you truly are? 

Theres more work being put into what we look like and what we physically have rather than who we truly are, as a whole being. You ever sit back and think of how you got to this moment? Ever wondered why you are so concerned with the outside noise but ignore the cry of your soul?

I believe it’s time that you give yourself some dedicated time on figuring out who YOU truly are. Not what society expects, your partner, family and friends. Nothing is permanent. Your looks can change at any given moment, change your hair, put in some color contacts, dress a certain way, you can lose all material objects, etc. Your attitude can also shift. So what if you learned who you truly are on a deeper level? You may be surprised, by doing inner soul work, when you look in the mirror you may not be happy with what you see. 

Take some time for yourself and think about who you truly are. What have your experiences in life taught you? What have they created you to become? Are you genuinely happy with yourself? If not, who are you truly trying to be, to impress?

Your Journey is a reflection of what you plant. 

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