We Are Not a Mental Health Label

Mental Health has become such an issue. We live in our fears rather than being in the moment. Why do we allow ourselves to be defined by a mental health “label”. This isn’t who we are, this is the story that is created to just put us in a category. 

Majority of us have allowed ourselves to become consumed by this fast paced society. We create so much stress for ourselves with having to work more so we can buy more stuff. We become so consumed by wanting more to compete with others that we forget who we truly are. Then we become so overwhelmed by stress that we lose control of ourselves. We go to the doctors to have them label us and give us these “magic pills” that, majority of the time, make us feel like shit. But guess what? We end up being able to function with life responsibilities again. Then time goes by until we hit another roadblock where we lose control again, go to the doctors for them to tell us “you need more”, with medication. And the cycle continues. 

My question is, what got us to this point? Why aren’t we putting an effort to educating young teens how to cope with difficult emotions and stress?, since our lifestyle seems to keep increasing with more demands. If this is a Mental Health issue, why aren’t we learning about mindful health? 

For me, personally, I don’t have a “Panic Disorder” (that’s the medical term). I say that I am learning how to manage panic emotions. The panic disorder isn’t who I am. It’s what they say I have. Don’t allow labels to define you. We are all a soul having a human experience. 

I am not staying medication should be avoided. Many people are comfortable and need the help. What I am saying is that at the end of the day, we still need to get to the root of the cause and heal from there. 

Your Journey is a reflection of what you plant. 

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