Faith and Experience Go Hand In Hand

Faith has such an important role in our lives. I would have never thought so. I would go about my life without even the awareness of what I was doing half the time. 

When I started to understand the importance of faith, I started to become aware of how I perceived experiences in my life. When a troubled experience occurs, what is to happen will happen. Majority of people may be aware of the lessons being taught throughout each experience. This allows them to accept and move forward with more clarity. 

By not having faith in your life experiences allows your Ego to take over and manipulate you into fear based thoughts. Faith is believing that whatever life throws at you, you will be taken care of by your higher power. 

I struggle with this at times, I am human. But once I am aware that the fear based thoughts are surfacing, I have the choice to believe into them or have faith that what is to occur with occur for my highest good. 

Faith comes from Love source. Fear comes from Ego source. 

Your Journey is a reflection of what you plant. 

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