Dear Anxiety

Dear Anxiety,

You have been in control long enough. I appreciate you being worried about me but we aren’t being chasing by lions, tigers or bears. I don’t want to get rid of you, so stop thinking you have to be in control to stick around. I want you around and need you around when there really is a situation that I will need your help.

But working me up because I am feeling physical symptoms, is unnecessary. Everyone feels discomfort. Everyone feels a symptom in their body on a daily basis. They just don’t dwell on the feeling. They don’t analyze the sh*t out of it. Look how many times I’ve been to the hospital and other people are their with non life threatening issues. It’s because anxiety symptoms make people fear worse case scenarios. More and more people are living in a state of fear, rather than a state of love. Anxiety, you totally shift our perception into something that isn’t even real. And because we are already in a fear based mindset, we tend to believe your lies. So we get checked and everything comes back healthy. Then we feel another different symptom, and the cycle repeats. You become a drug that we believe we NEED in order to survive. We have enough to worry about already in this world, so it becomes easy to believe the lies you tell us.

Until one day, there’s a moment where we sit back and think “Wait a minute. This isn’t true. How many times do I need to get checked to actually believe that I am seriously ok?” And that’s where I believe, God has given us the opportunity to change. It’s not easy. I’ve been in a relationship with you for a while now. Who am I without you in my life? What do I do with myself? There’s so many questions I can ask. It all comes down to perception. It’s the perception I have about the symptom that will either allow you to have control or not. These physical symptoms are always going to be there. Exercise. Emotions. Intimacy all play a roll. The only difference is how I perceive the symptom.

So the truth is....... you don’t have control. I’VE allowed you to have control. So today, I’m deciding to break up with you. Like I said, I do need you and want you around. What I’m saying is, I will let you know when you get to step in. This is my body. This is my life. You are just a thought. I’ve allowed you to take over long enough and look where you have kept me. Stuck in comfort. Life is about evolving. So I’m taking back the reins. You may give your input, but at the end of the day, I make the final decision.


Your Boss.

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