Acknowledge Your Inner Child

What do you tell your inner child self? We seem to have great advice for others but do we take our own advice? How do we talk to ourselves?

In order to attract love, we need to love ourselves. We attract the same energy we give ourselves. Think about how you would educate a young child. You would tell them how life will be full of ups and downs. To focus on one thing at a time, enjoying each moment. To appreciate the good in every situation and person they come across. Don’t ever doubt that you aren’t good enough. Not to be afraid of making a mistake because it will lead to abundance, with the right tools. 

Our growth depends on how we talk to ourselves. We are never too old to inspire and uplift the inner child within. For the inner child is who carries a lot of our beliefs. 

It’s  time to reflect on how we are showing love to our inner self. 

Awaken To Your Souls Truth. 

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