You Get There By Being Here

Often we focus so much on the goal
that we forget the journey;
we disconnect from each precious step, 
and stress is created, 
that awful sense of 'Not There Yet'.

Joy can only be found in the Here and Now, 
and Here and Now has nothing to do with goals, 
destinations, or even "getting what you want". 
Take the focus off the 10,000 steps to come, 
the 10,000 steps you have not yet taken,
the 10,000 things that are "missing" right now, 
and remember the present step, this moment,
this ancient living ground, your own intimate Being. 

Breathe. Feel the life in your body. 

Often we don’t know where we are headed, 
or when we will get There,
and that’s perfectly okay. 
Befriend any uncertainty, doubt, 
trepidation, incompleteness that you feel; 
learn to love this sacred place of Unfulfilled.
It is alive, and creative, and full of potential,
and filled with You. 

Dream of There, and release the dream, 
and be fully Here, with your beloved child.   

Teach them to walk. Step by step. 
Teach them to love the journey.
Teach them gratitude for what is. 

That is how you get There.
With kindness, patience, slowness, love, trust. 

You get There by surrendering to Here,
finding fulfilment in the glorious emptiness,
slowing down into your abundant life. 

~ Jeff Foster

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