You Are The Master Who Fills In The Blanks In The Wordplay Of Life

Life is like a crossword puzzle. Just as you work out a crossword puzzle you can figure out situations that do not treat you kindly. Get that concept of reality and you understand.

You’re held strongly by the influences of opinion so if your self-opinion is not good your dynamic is in jeopardy. You will always have disturbances because there is always chaotic behaviour from disruptive souls. These are your teachers whether you know it or not.

It isn’t until you overcome the victories that you will keep running into people teaching you the same lessons. Just as you have balances in your bank account so has your soul a scorecard whether your mind knows it or not.

It is when you stand up and turnaround you find the determination to make changes. It is not until you're ready to make changes and have the foresight that you know what to do. It is called a hunch or idea. Through battling with society you have lost this skill.

Take aim and focus before you pull the trigger so you can be right on target. The Universe will always provide you with information because it wants your spiritual evolution so you can complete your stay in this realm of existence.

If you don’t know the answer, start with the things you do know. Understand the synergy of consciousness and of all which you’re linked to. When you add the power of belief with skilled alignment then your mind will work much quicker with solving issues.

Life is simpler than you think and the solutions are not always in your head but in signs all around you. Your duties and tasks in life are no different than a crossword puzzle. It is you who must fill in the blanks.

~ Quential

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