You Are The Chosen One

When sadness or fear, anger or loneliness, shame or disgust surge through your nervous system, my love, do not believe for an instant that something is ‘wrong’ with you. That is impossible! Instead, be honoured that these ancient friends have chosen to visit! They have come not to hurt you but to heal you, to help you remember your wholeness, your vastness, your capacity for all life. They have come not because you are broken or sick or because you have failed in some way, but because you are a sacred Presence in which they may finally receive the love and understanding they’ve always been seeking. You alone have the courage to feel these feelings, let them pass through to completion, bless them with attention and curiosity! You alone have the power to digest them, breathe into them, drench them with holy awareness. They have travelled through generations of violence and self-abandonment to find you. They are the orphans of consciousness, the unwanted children of human experience, the frightened and helpless creatures of the psychological night. You, my love, are the very Light they have been seeking since before time was even conceived. Will you turn towards these inner children now? Will you open your arms to the helpless ones inside? Will you drench the sorrow, fear, loneliness and rage you feel now with love? Will you break the karmic cycle with your breath? Will you accept your sacred role, and become what you are? A fiery vessel of healing! A radiant lover of the darkness! This is surrender! 

~ Jeff Foster

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