We All Have Tender Places

It's easy to say "I love you".


It's easy to talk about love,

and presence, and awareness,

and a deep acceptance of what is.


It's easy to teach,

to say things that sound true,

and good, and spiritual. 


But they are just words.

There is a world before words.


When anger surges, as it will, can you stay close,

and not numb it, or lash out?


When fear bursts in the body, can you breathe into it,

and not fuse with it, or run away into stories?


When you feel hurt, rejected, unloved, abandoned,

can you make room for that feeling,

welcome it in the body, 

bow to its intensity, its fire, its presence,

and not attack, or act out, or call people names?


Can you commit to not abandoning yourself

now that you need your own love the most?


It's easy to talk about love.

It's easy to teach.

Until our old wounds are opened.

Until life doesn't go our way.


What triggers you

is inviting you

to a deeper self-love.

Can you see?


There is no shame in this:

We all have tender places.


~ Jeff Foster


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