Truth Is The Law

The church defines Sin with the 7 deadly sins -

Pride - excessive belief in ones own abilities that interferes with their recognation of the grace of god

Envy - desire for another ones traits, status or abilities

Gluttony - desire to consume more then one requires

Lust - craving for the pleasures of the body

Wrath - anger instead of love

Greed - desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual

Sloth - avoidance of physical or spiritual work

Everyone of those is FALSE and Is sin itself

SIN - violating another's free will

Free will is important - you have free will which means you have the right to do all of the above - you are being human in a material world after all

You are given sensory organs, emotions and a body to experience being human

You are supposed to use your free will to make different choices and experience different things in order to expand awareness of the laws of nature

The living law is natures law and it is a constant work in progress - because laws are discovered by humans through experience - the more free will a human uses, the better

Sin is violating anothers free will because free will is the key stone to this reality - learn by trial and error
You learn twice as much twice as fast when you learn what to do and what not to do at the same time

Besides the obvious such as rape, murder etc
To violate another's free will is to intentionally lie and withhold information

One cannot utilize their free will ability to choose or judge accurately if one doesn't have all the information

One cannot learn laws of nature to expand the unique collective awareness and intelligence with lies or half information

Truth is absolute and it is the foundation of the entire cosmos - as it leads to growth and expansion for the greater good of all

Truth is the law

Without prejudice, I bear witness to the lies and intentional withholding of truth by the FALSE church, along with manipulating the collective conscious with fear based indoctrination to gain power over

Causing the human species, a higher order species - to exist within a distortion in space time that loops unconsciously - which has delayed their inherent rights to evolve to their rightful place in the galactic spiritual and earthly hiearchy

The false interpertation of the Bible along with false verses added, has lead to a decrease in spiritual development, the exact thing the church claims to encourage

It is witnessed and undone

Law is being restored on Earth through the release of information that has been kept "hidden in plain sight"

Truth is being restored quickly so humanity can rapidly evolve to their galactic space

We call this the revelations - the end times

Freedom is free will and it is being restored.

~ Stephanie Sarten

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