The Soul Journey Together

I don’t open up easily, but once the well has been tapped, it feels most natural to let it flow easily from there.

I expect that the flow will hit obstacles, and I need you to know that I am not the only one responsible for unblocking the passages for it to flow again. I am strong, but I don’t want to break down your walls. I want you to want to take them down for me as I will do for you.


Once these walls are down and I feel safe, I will open completely to you and give you my whole heart.


This process takes time, and the proper care of this process is what will instill the trust that will lay the foundation of where life happens.


It is the careful navigation done together that brings travelers to their destination. It is helping someone along as they stumble and it is being gentle if they fall, even more than once. It is watching out for obstacles and averting them altogether to learn how the other can protect their most precious traveler.


It is facing a large obstacle with the faith that it will move as long as you work together to communicate, plan, talk it through, try, fail, laugh, and try again.


It’s being able to look back at that obstacle and having the full knowledge that you conquered it together. This will help build confidence, not just in each other, but in yourself.


I ask you to understand that the obstacles that look very big to me may not look so big to you. I ask you that when you see my obstacle, no matter how big or small it may seem to you, please don’t trivialize it. Help me see it the way you see it, and help me move it using the same process: gently, talking it through, walking together, and working together.


Forget that it is one person’s obstacle, and make it something that we can move through together, to make us both stronger, and make no one a victor, or pointing out who did what.


Some obstacles are bigger than others, and it is important to remember that as long as both people are putting forth their best effort, their strengths will be united as the driving force. It is key to stay humble and respect this balance in facing each obstacle in the same way.


If one person falls, quickly come to their side to help them back up. Reassure and remind them that you are in this together. This is what will propel you forward.


There is no solitary victory. Success comes when both people feel they are vital to the journey of the other. This is a place where confidence is built.


Journeying together can be frustrating at times. It may look easier to run ahead and break down barriers all by yourself. Sometimes the other traveler’s process or pace can be frustrating, and you may want to try and impress your traveling partner by conquering things and perhaps making the path easier.


Do this only with the purest intentions. Do this with a heart full of love. Do this so that you can carry your partner through what you have just created.


Make them a part of that process.


If at any point you start to run ahead for yourself or gain ground for only yourself, don’t leave your traveler in the dark. Help them to understand what pace you need to run in order to feel like you are making ground. Talk about it, be gentle, and decide together if it’s a pace that both of you feel comfortable with moving forward. Question if this is still a path that both travelers feel fulfilled being a part of.


Maintain the trust and dignity of each other through this process, open your heart, and be willing to speak your truth.


The journey is meant to be enjoyed. It’s meant to be experienced fully and to strengthen the travelers both individually and together.


You should be able to look back on the journey and smile. To remember warmly the times where one person helped the other through their own obstacles and the times that they themselves received help.


Remain humble and grateful for the experience, and be able to look at your partner in the end and say, “We did this together, you and me, and we are both better people for it,” and “I would have not have been able to do this without you, my precious traveler, and I would not have wanted to do this with anyone else.”


~ Angela Waters


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