The Secret of Enlightenment


is not about being invulnerable,

untouchable, detached, completely protected.


It's not about becoming anything. At all. 

It's about discovering that you are LIGHT.


And as LIGHT, 

you are courageous, willing to 

shine freely on this present moment, 

however uncomfortable, however fierce, 

however sad, however joyful,

however 'unspiritual' it seems.


Enlightenment is not an escape from your vulnerable humanity,

but a courageous embrace of it!


Those who claim to be 'beyond' human feelings,

those who boast about being 'untouchable',

those who think they are ‘Pure Awareness’,

or ‘devoid of ego’,

are secretly terrified

of this 'being human'. 


It takes great courage

to be soft and flexible 

in a hard world. 


The true hero of the story

knows their own human limitations. 


True strength lies in the willingness

to embrace difficult energies:

doubt, shame, fear, heartache.

To see them as movements of the Beloved. 


So, today, be LIGHT, and shine!


Willing to see what you don't want to see. 

Willing to soften into the hard places. 

Willing to be kind to imperfections. 


Willing to hold darkness

like a newborn.


~ Jeff Foster

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