The Miracle of Change

What is the point of arguing with life as it is?

The ego replies, "Yeah, but if I stop resisting the way things are, change will never happen, things will stay the same, or get worse..."


You see, the ego does not understand the ancient mysteries of change and healing. It truly believes - in relationships, in your career, in life decisions, in global matters - that peace can only come through war, that real change can only happen through hating where we are and desperately wanting to be somewhere else.


Here is the paradox of change. When we tire of the internal violence, when we are no longer at war with the way things are now, when we no longer argue with the present scene in the movie of our lives, we come to rest. And then, from a place of rest and a deep connection to the ground of Now, new vistas open up, hitherto unexplored possibilities reveal themselves. New connections are made, new solutions emerge. From a place of equanimity and acceptance, things that seemed certain are now not so certain, blocks are no longer blocks, old futures begin to collapse and new futures become possible. Energies that seemed intolerable a moment ago are now allowed in, allowed to move, to express and release their creativity and healing power. Because our eyes are open, new details are apparent in the present scene, details that we had become blind to, in our rush to "a better future".


From a place of peace, we can more easily take the next step. And sometimes the next step means taking no step at all, but falling deeply in love with where we are. This is NOT the same as giving up. This is not passivity or toleration of the 'negative'. This is not the same as abandoning all hope of a better future. There is no abandonment here. This is not stagnation. This is not weakness. This is true courage. The willingness to slow down, be present, drink in all the richness - the joy and the sorrow, the doubt and the creativity - of the present scene.


The movie has not been written yet; it writes itself as we go along. And in resisting the present scene, you are actually resisting the entire movie. Resistance can only breed resistance.


Sometimes, the point of arguing with life, is to get you to a point where you are tired of arguing with life. And then you sink deeply into the present moment, resting in its embrace, trusting the way of things, accepting your own imperfections. And then everything seems possible, and everything feels alive as you feel alive, and fearless, and real change can come.


 Perhaps slowly, perhaps in a great tidal wave. But you are no longer pushing for it. You are letting it happen. You are aligned at last, no longer part of the problem, but already an expression of the solution.


Sometimes you need to stop trying to change the moment, for the moment to change....

...all by itself.


~ Jeff Foster

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