Our love is like the ocean.

Our love is like the ocean. It has ebbed and flowed like the tides to the shore.

We have enjoyed moments of serene calm where we have floated along seamlessly next to one another. Times spent wrapped in each other’s embrace as we let the hours pass by and simply drifted away together.

And then there have been other times when we have tried not to drown in the tidal waves of emotions we feel when we are triggered, and the intensity of our journey has tested us beyond recognition. Those times in which even the moon herself did not stand a chance against our egos clashing like waves against the rocks as we fought to let go of control.

Those waves that seemed to separate us as they forced us to find ourselves at opposite sides of the world — shaken up, humbled, and in need of healing.

Our love has known the shallow parts. The parts where you can see straight down to the bottom, the parts where you feel like you still have some control of yourself if a wave should come your way and knock you down. But we also know the deeper parts too, those places where we have felt incredibly vulnerable because we didn’t know what lurked beneath the surface.

The place where we’ve had to tread water because we could no longer see straight down to the bottom, and the place where we realized that this ocean is far bigger and far deeper than we knew. We have tended to let the ocean be our guide… with no hard and fast plans to dive further below, but should the opportunity present itself, I’m confident we will both be curious and adventurous enough to at least try.

Our love has shown us both the importance of fluidity. That just like the water itself, you cannot grasp it because it is sure to slip out of your hands. It has allowed for us to play and splash around when it wants, and has taught us the importance of turning on our backs when the tide comes in and surrendering.

It continues to show us how refreshing it can be and the extreme bliss we can feel when we simply allow it to cleanse us.

Sometimes our love needs retreat. And just like the low tide, when it seems the ocean has disappeared completely, it can feel barren and desolate as we try to make sense of it all. So it seems in those moments we are given the freedom to see the ocean a little differently and appreciate it a little more. And when the water returns, our eyes can once more take in the beauty of this special gift.

And so it is with this ocean, this love, this spirit. It pulls us in and draws us out, and in doing so, cleanses our egos. It is bigger than us, and so much more powerful than our minds. It seems to know no hard edges or limitations as we admire the beauty of it together, and we discover a little bit more about ourselves in the process.

And just like the ocean, I can never turn my back on it for too long, because a beauty like that can neither be ignored, nor forgotten.

The ocean is a part of my soul.

And our love is like the ocean.




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