On Joy

You must understand, my love, joy is not a goal, not a feeling, not even the opposite of despair. Joy is the willingness to hold despair like a newborn, breathe into it, give it space in your vast heart.


Joy is the container, never contained. Joy is this primordial sense of being alive, indestructible, aligned with the Universe. Joy is unchanging, unmovable, closer than your next breath.


Joy cannot be stolen, joy cannot be acquired. Joy would take all of the world’s sorrows, frustrations, fears and shattered dreams into her heart. 


Joy was there when you took your first step, when you fell to the ground, and wept, and stood up again, ready.


Joy is like the sky. 

Joy has no opposite. 

Joy is you, naked, and beautiful in your aloneness. 


Don’t seek joy; 

just remember 

that you are 



~ Jeff Foster


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