Meditation - Shower Others With Happiness

As we enter into meditation let us on this day concentrate and be mindful of the need of happiness.

I am feeling the struggles of many of you right now.

Yes today is Monday, and some of you feel like you barely made it through the weekend. And if you are not careful others will see that you brought the weekend's baggage to work with you. 

So if you don't want people avoiding you like the plague, shake it off, hold your head up,put a smile on your face and get in the flow of your work day. 

And don't think for one second about entertaining thoughts that begin with, " I really don't feel like....."

Let me extend to you a loving invitation to push past the pain and problems (especially since worrying, being depressed or having a toxic bad attitude won't solve anything.) push pass it all and reach down deep within yourself and find your happy place, your place of joy. Embrace that emotion and let it overwhelm you.

Do as much as you can to be someone's happiness today.

And remember, whatever it is we need the most we should always find a way to give that to another. In doing so as reciprocity finds us lacking it will return the blessing and others will give to us.

And as you give happiness and joy today you help raise the vibrations on the planet making the world a better place.

Now as we return our attention to the stillness and serenity in the moment, breathe deeply for a moment following the breath inward to our sacred space of serenity, let us concentrate and meditate on these things.


~ Ren

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