Meditation - Serenity In The Eye Of The Storm

As we prepare to enter into meditation let us concentrate on refuge from all storms. 

Today the energies in America are all over the place. because of the election. As most of us are out and about working and doing other things we can feel the turbulence, fears and anxiousness concerning who will win tonight.

 It is important that we are able to maneuver through it all and be in a place of serenity through it all.

 I encourage you to tap into that sacred inner place that you can always take refuge in. Your shelter in the eye of the storm is your safe haven.  You can get to this place by way of meditation. This is why meditation is so important. Meditation is the alternative choice we make instead of compromising ourselves and giving in to what the masses are doing. 

I encourage you to walk in total serenity today. Stay focused and stay balanced at your center. Be at the level of Zen today. Let me give you an example how.

Make a decision in this moment that you will be at peace (serenity) in life Resolve in your whole being that you will always walk and dwell in higher places. No matter where the body is, the spirit you, the real you will be in your sacred place.

You can be in a board meeting stuck in heavy traffic. being chewed out by your boss or significant other, yet none of it will take you away from that higher place where you truly live. 

You can be in a conversation with someone and be praying or affirming in silence at the same time.. Remember you are the architect of your life and you can create it the way you want it, 

Regardless of what is happing outside of you. 

This example of using introspection, will help you stay in the flow of your day and allow you to maneuver through hell and high water.

Continue to visualize the life you want and affirm it until it manifest.

Face whatever comes today. but stay in your sacred place at all times Because there you abide with a deep knowing that all is truly well with you.

 Let us continue in meditation throughout this day taking moments to just be still and breathe slowly and deeply as we rest in a deep knowing that all is well in our life right now. 

Rest in knowing that there is no need to get anxious about what's going to happen tomorrow. Today is the only day that matters, today is the only day that truly exist because now is all there is.

Make it a good productive day. And if it becomes a life changing day that you will never forget, let it be because you created it to be that way. Just rest in your power of confidence, rest in your vision of the life that you have so carefully layed out for yourself and live and walk there in. And stay strong today no matter what happens. After you've done all you can today just stand strong.


~ Ren


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