Meditation - Hit Reset

You may very well be A Diamond In The Rough. 

It may not yet appear who you shall be.

You’ve been in a generational cycle of the same ole same ole….thing. In your free time you just chillin’ at the crib.. now the winds have changed which will call for us to be up and on it.  

Now we’ve got to have a plan beyond our job and be working that plan. We need to know exactly where in this reality we are to be that is  

conducive to our wellbeing.

When it’s time for us to grow and evolve and transform suddenly, because we are behind schedule; we may find ourselves in the presence of a force of terror that will motivate us to move, to think and to put into action all the plans that we had put on the shelf and terror will remain until procrastination is no more and until we have moved back to our center our balance. 

No terror did not leave because whether negative or positive all energy will always exist. However, you will move to a higher level where terror and fear are no longer in your view and where you stop being infected/ affected by either. 

You are now in a place where you’ve got fear in check and you are back to living in confidence and walking in the power that you know you have. 

So wake back up, shake off the fear, get up and collect yourself, your scattered energies. Find your rhythm and move back into the flow of life.

I issue a challenge to you right now and I want to hear from those that will accept the challenge.

Right here right now, I challenge you to step into your greatness and do what all those naysayers in your life have been saying you can’t do. I challenge you to do the impossible and come into, embrace and live in every inch of your greatness and be a living legend, one that the masses will remember. Be so great that parents will raise their sons and daughters to be like you. Be the one to succeed, to make it, to overcome, be the living prophecy that says we are more than conquerors and conquer your demons and get on with creating and living a highly conscious and abundant life. Do you have it in you? Can you find that place to tap into that will ignite the passion, the mindset to no longer be hidden in the shadows, but now you making moves on front street, where you are seen as this enormous success story? Can you do it? Yes, Yes You Can.

Also for those of you that has been given major responsibility, I’m not talking about those just doing a 9-5, but rather those that are creating foundations, international tribes and organizations empires, the multi-preneurs, the world travelers and the creators of major things that will change the world. 

In this season and at this stage of your journey you must reconcile that you can no longer fly solo. This is your season to come into partnerships, collaborations, alliances, business support connections, etc. And as you make these divine connections you have to give up the domineering and control mentality and trust the process. 

Also know that for many of you that are uncomfortable and you can’t relax, always tense about nothing it seems, this is all signs that your spirit has outgrown your physical form and it’s time for you to move to larger spaces. Some of you like myself will find it necessary to live in two or more location in different regions to get it all done. This is also the time where you must immediately rid yourself of all unnecessary baggage. As you switch from the clothing you used in the summer to fall and winter clothing, throw away those items that have served you well but are no longer of any use to you. You no longer have to keep stuff because you no longer need a security blanket. Create spaciousness in your life. Learn how to live with clearer and cleaner spaces and invite in the fresh air and breathe. 

 This is also the season to let go of people that are no longer serving you and too those that are rude, insulting, draining, etc. You know the ones…..they are damaging your spirit and causing you to leak energy. Yes now is the time to shake it all off. This time is at a fast pace rhythm, there is much to get done now to be prepared for all that awaits us. Yet in the midst of it all you must push pause and be still a minute and just breathe….and then jump back in the flow of life and continue to do what you do. 

So work hard now and make the necessary sacrifices and celebrate your success along the way. Now breathe and hit the reset button…. connect with those that will be walking with you on this leg of your journey and resume life by saying. “Now where were we, let us all get back to creating the life we want to live and no more distractions.”

~ Ren


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