Meditation - Giving Thanks For The People In Our Lives

As we enter into meditation on this day let us give thanks for the people in our lives and for others that have connected with us on this journey, that have impacted our lives in many ways. 

Give thanks for the nice ones, the not so nice. The ones that dared us, the ones that pushed us. The ones who remained by our side and supported us and give thanks for those that for whatever reason walked away.

Give thanks for those that made us laugh until it hurt and for those that made us cry and it also hurt. Give thanks for those that took our breath away and for those that made us want to be our best because we wanted to follow the example they left.

Give thanks to our mothers, fathers,grands and great-grands, Give thanks for all the children, for our friends which may be many or few.

Give thanks for those that are just coming into our lives,bless them by being grateful that they are here, because they showed up as our teachers and as the things that we need, even if its just to hold our hand for a moment or to give us one smile that we will remember for a lifetime, especially during the times when the world seems cold.

"Remember we are all teachers in life for ourselves and each other and whatever it is we are suppose to learn we teach it again and again until we or another learns the lesson."

So with the deepest gratitude from that special place in the depths of your heart give thanks to the people that have connected with you in life. Now Inhale all the love, all the love.....Exhale all things that are not serving you now. I love You All So Much.




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