Letting Go List To Create Energetic Space for 2017

Dear universe, angels & guides, by writing and making this list I create the energetic space needed to align with my highest potential which I understand is limitless as I am a multi dimensional being of pure source energy. I ask from this point forward the things written on this list no longer hold me back.

I let go with gratitude, love and compassion, I understand I am no longer aligned to these energies moving forward and lovingly ask all ego, emotional, energetic, and fear bases ties to be cut with understanding, resolution and peace. By releasing I understand I am now making the creative space needed in which to align with my hearts most purest experiences and outcomes.

I am ready

I am open

I am letting go now

I thank the universe for these most diverse learning experiences and no longer use the stories of what was to create the perception of what it and the potential of what could be most aligned for my highest good By letting go I accept my multi-dimensional self and am always willing to step into the most aligned version of expansion and pure love in physical form.

And so it is.

Now write your list and really allow the words to flow from your heart – take as much time and as many pages as you need – really let it all flow out.

When you are finished read out loud to yourself at least 3-5 times and really allow the energy of the words to leave your body as you say them. Then either right away or at a time to suit you burn the paper and ask your guides and angels to transmute ALL into the light for healing and resolution.

Breathe deeply and express gratitude.


Zoe Davenport


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