Friend, please,
Do not try to decide now.
Do not shut any possibility out of your heart.

Honour this place of not-knowing.
Bow before this bubbling mess of creativity.

Slow down. Breathe.
Sink into wonderment.
Befriend the very place where you stand.

Any decision will make itself, in time.
Any choice will happen when your defences are down.
Answers will appear only when they are ready.
When the questions have been fully honoured, and loved.

Do not label this place 'indecision'.
It is more alive than that.
It is a place where possibilities grow.
It is a place where uncertainty is sacred.

There is courage in staying close.
There is strength in not knowing.

Friend, please know,
There is simply no choice now.

Except to breathe, and breathe again,
And trust this Intelligence beyond mind.

~ Jeff Foster

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