How the Emotionally Damaged Man Loves Differently

When you think of emotions among the sexes, the woman probably comes to mind when you think of Emotionally damaged. Men are often overlooked, but they can hurt just as much as women.

While the pain a man feels presents itself in a different way, it is still pain nonetheless. Men can be broken as well even if you don’t quite notice it. Emotionally broken men are changed me, they love differently. They don’t open up as quickly and if they are open in general they never allow anyone close.

These are the men who were hurt early on in life, they let someone too close too quickly and everything went to shit. They may have tons of friends that are the opposite sex but they never really resonate with any of them. When they finally find someone they want to try with they are guarded. No, they are not guarded in the ways women are, they are distant but yet not at the same time.

They will hold you close and do everything you would normally do, but they won’t be the one to say they love you first. They don’t know how to use that word without causing more pain. They will hide their feelings and lock them away instead of expressing them. You won’t know what is bothering them, they will just ghost you for a few days while they get themselves together.

Sure, he could find comfort in you and he could talk to you about his emotions but he doesn’t know how to do these things just yet. He is afraid of how you will react and how he will deal. He doesn’t know how to be in love anymore. Love for him was not what love truly is and he is conflicted within.

A lot of the time he may seem like he has everything together, he may seem like the perfect man but he isn’t. He has far more going on inside than you know. He is good at hiding the truth. He can put on a mask and wear it for weeks at a time without the cracks showing through. He may care deeply for you but you won’t know for sure. He will send mixed signals and leave you second guessing everything.

He wishes he could tell you how he feels, he wishes he could explain these things to you but he doesn’t know where to begin. He feels worse for considering embracing this side of himself and everything is conflicting. These things eat away at him until he is truly able to overcome them.

While you should not wait around forever if you give him time and you are truly the right one he will be able to overcome what he is facing. Consider the timing, timing is everything. Perhaps if you were to meet back up later on in life things could possibly be different. Do not sell him short because he is unsure, live your life and be there as best you can, do your best to not make him feel worse.

Everything that is meant to be will be. He can work through his problems if he has the support he needs. Men can be broken too, please never forget that.


~ Gerald Sinclair


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