Heaven is a Loving Friend

To be seen.
To be met.
To be held
in a non-judgmental, warm and alive
empathic Field of Understanding.

To be heard.
To be understood.
By another or by yourself.
This is Heaven.

Heaven is not another 'place',
but an alive and present Field of Love.

When we were very young,
and we were hurting;
when our world didn't make sense,
and sorrows and doubts flooded us,
we cried out for Love.

And then, perhaps, a mature adult sat with us.
And listened. And didn't shame us.
And gave us space. And let us feel.
And didn't interrupt. Didn't advise us.
Didn't judge.
Didn't project all over us.
Didn't change the subject.

They were simply curious
about our subjective experience.
And trusting.
And they listened from the Heart.

And they didn't try to fix us, or analyse us,
or tell us how we should change to please them.

They didn't treat us like an object,
but as an alive and fascinating subject!

And they held us calmly, looked into our eyes,
(as if we were the only thing
that mattered to them in the whole world),
and they let us know
We Were Okay.
We Were So Okay.

Then, we could rest.
We could surrender to our experience.
We could breathe again. Smile again.
Feel human again.
Trust our bodies again.

We were in Heaven,
if only for a moment.

We can touch that same Heaven Now!
By bringing that same warmth, that same curiosity,
that same non-judgmental attention
to our Own Experience.

We can send loving attention deep into our bodies.
Drench our experience with Light.
Saturate our grief, our anger,
our joy and our fears with awareness,
which is Love.

So even when alone,
our Loved One can be so near.

Even when soothing is nowhere to be found,
and we feel like crying out for Love,
we can remember this soothing Presence,
this closeness to Self,
this Deep Friendship,
this Heaven on Earth.

~ Jeff Foster 

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