Find Yourself

It is the most honest and ultimately the kindest thing to say to someone, "I love you, I care very deeply about you, I love spending time with you, but I don't need you. I don’t need you for my happiness and I don’t need you to complete me. I am complete with or without you. For I have always been with The One, that unspeakable divine wholeness inseparable from my very own Presence, closer than my own eyes as I behold these words, closer than my heart as it pumps hot blood around this shattered world. I cannot complete you or make you happy, I do not have that power and I will not deceive you about that. I want you to find the deepest sense of happiness within your own being, my love. I want to be a sacred mirror for you as you learn to see yourself. I love you so much that I would dare to take care of myself, and I love you so much that I would support you in your quest for self-love.

We cannot mend each other but we can hold each other as we break and that is much closer to true love than the disgusting fairytale we were sold.

Find your deepest freedom, fulfilment and peace, my love, with or without me. When I am close and when I am far. Be true to you.

Find yourself. And perhaps we shall find each other, there, as the ground falls...”

~ Jeff Foster

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