Claim Your Worth

"Love is the most expensive gift. Make sure you don’t give it to someone that’s cheap."

When we take a stand and walk away from an abusive, toxic relationship we're not just doing it for US. We are doing it for women and girls everywhere.

The power that is unleashed when we take a stand and claim our worth and value has a ripple effect. It gives other women who are trapped in similar situations the courage and the strength to do the same.

When we say 'no more' this is not how I'm going to allow someone to treat me, when we take our heart and power back from the men who hurt us, abused us and belittled us we create a space to rise up and tap back into our power. 

When we take that power and use it to heal ourselves and to empower other women things start to shift. When we live by example and show our daughters what it means to love yourself first you create space for the relationships of the future to be magnificent.


When we join hands as women and remind one another what we deserve and desire life as we know it starts to move, shift and change for the better. 

You are nobody's emotional or physical punching bag, you are nobody's emotional dumping ground, you are nobody's bitch, you are nobody's beck'n'call girl, you are nobody's only good enough when he's lonely, bored, hungry or horny. 

You are a fucking goddess.
You are a queen.
You are a high value woman who deserves to be treated with love, respect and kindness.

~ Jennifer

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