By Wendy Murphy

Sexual Intimacy Changes and Why


One thing that has had me baffled for a while is how sexual feelings, wants and needs change on the ascension journey.

There can be times of just not wanting to have sexual relations at all, and if you do you feel like your energy is being violated. l do feel this is due to energy frequencies between yourself and who you are with not connecting, not balancing and flowing together, instead the energies repel that can cause the uncomfortable feelings when you are together.


This can be a challenge when you are in a relationship and make the partner feel rejected, not wanted and unloved. It is important to try to explain how you feel and for them not to push you and demand sexual relations from you, because this can just push you away and cause even more problems. With an understanding partner it can help you to have space to understand what is happening with you and why you are feeling how you do, they won’t pressurise you instead they will give you space and support if you need it.


The push pull feelings of wanting to be close to your partner and then times of not wanting to even be touched l do feel is when we go through deep shifts and energy frequency changes, and as we have to learn to integrate the new energy frequencies this is when we can feel like we want to be on our own and don’t want any physical attention. What’s important during those times of feeling disconnected sexually is to just allow and flow with it and not try to force yourself into ‘feeling’ and ‘wanting’ sexual intimacy, allow time for your physical body to integrate the energy frequency and to balance your mind, body and soul.


You may also find that you just can’t blend and connect with your partner anymore, especially if they haven’t ‘awakened yet’ or are behind you on the ascension journey, if this happens it may mean ending the relationship which can be difficult when there are love feelings still there. Follow your souls guidance on what is best to do for you and your partner, if your partner is being supportive and understanding then you maybe able to return back to the intimacy you once had, especially when you integrate the energy frequencies and balance, if not and you find your partner is not understanding and being too over demanding and causing other negative situations then it may be time to let go so you can both find someone new who resonates with your energies and can give you what you need, or you find that you want to be on your own for a while, just follow what is right for you at any given time. 


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